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We support colleges and universities with digitalization and offer you the opportunity to provide a campus app for all services on campus, even with minimal resources.

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White Label App

White Label App

Individual app without effort

Overcome challenges easily!

Our White Label App offers an optimal solution if you want a customized app presence without having to develop it from scratch yourself. Your personalized White Label App is based on the UniNow App, but is published under your own name and design in the App and Google Play Store.

In close cooperation with our development team, your white label app will be adapted exactly to your needs. We provide you with comprehensive support throughout the entire process of publishing in the app stores. After the successful launch, we take care of the ongoing development and maintenance of your app. We also take care of all necessary updates in the app and Google Play Store.

premium moduls

Premium modules

UniNow's premium modules offer extended functions and exclusive benefits. The digital booking system enables simple course bookings, while the digital ID card enables the management of ID cards and tickets directly in the app. Emergency communication via UniNow ensures quick notifications and clear instructions in emergency situations, maximizing safety. See for yourself!

Login UniNow

The login barrier

The login barrier of UniNow seamlessly integrates with the university's LDAP/Shibboleth/SAML system. In this process, the roles of university members are managed in LDAP and assigned to UniNow-specific roles, such as students and staff. This ensures efficient and consistent management of user roles throughout the entire university network, thereby ensuring authorized access to the app and creating a secure space for information exchange.

Additionally, the system allows precise control over the visibility of newsfeed profiles and posts. Administrators can specify that certain content is visible only to selected roles, facilitating targeted communication and information distribution within the university community.

The option of a guest mode remains optional, allowing further customization of access permissions.

Our functions summarized

Campus apps have become increasingly popular in recent years due to digitalization. Central functions are made available in a user-oriented way via a mobile interface. Our functions at a glance:

News Feed Icon

News Feed

The news feed is the start page of the app and provides the latest information from the college or university. A push notification is sent for new posts.
Grade Icon

Grade Overview

All grades are displayed in a clear format or in statistics. Optionally, the grade average can be calculated in planning mode.
Icon Cafeteria


The current menus and opening hours of the canteen can be called up. The dishes can also be filtered according to vegetarian and vegan.
Icon Library


An overview of the books on loan and the end of the loan period is displayed. Borrowed books can also be renewed directly.
Icon Mail


Receiving and sending university emails has never been so easy! A push notification is sent when new emails are received.
icon calender


The timetable can be easily imported so that no lecture or other important date is forgotten.
Icon Radio

Campus Radio

Campus Radio can also be integrated into the app. This makes it easy to switch on at any time, even when you're on the move.
Icon maps

Campus Maps

The list of all facilities at the college or university, including location details, makes it easier to find your way around the campus.
Icon role

Role Selection

By dividing the app into different roles, all members of the college or university can be reached efficiently and directly.
Icon elearning


The integration of the e-learning module enables even faster access to the learning materials.

We are digitizing the university world!

Benefit from numerous advantages:

Efficiency Enhancement

Quick access to necessary information, events, and resources contributes to the efficiency of daily university operations.

Improved Communication

Instant notifications and announcements keep all groups informed.

Community Resources

Experiences and developments shared by other institutions can contribute to improved app functionality and efficiency.

Innovative Campus Presence

The introduction of a campus app underscores the university's willingness to innovate and embrace modernity, enhancing the institution's reputation and attracting potential students.

Time and Resource Savings

Developing a custom campus app requires significant time, resources, and financial investment. UniNow provides a ready-to-use solution, saving the university time and development costs.

Faster Implementation and Updates

Regular updates and new features are automatically implemented by UniNow, leading to quicker adaptation to changing needs.

Continuous Improvement

The university benefits from regular updates and new features provided through UniNow's continuous development.

Integration with Existing Systems

Seamless integration into existing university systems. This allows for effective collaboration with existing IT infrastructures, such as the campus management system.

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