Enable face-to-face teaching with UniNow.

Digital Campus Check-in allows all university employees to be safer on campus in the event of a Covid 19 infection.

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Digital Campus Check-In

To ensure that secure face-to-face teaching can continue, UniNow offers colleges and universities across Germany a secure, flexible and simple solution.


In the 2020/21 winter semester, UniNow developed Campus Check-In, a digital solution that facilitates contact tracing in the event of a Covid 19 infection. Already 19 universities across Germany rely on UniNow's system. Despite the different state regulations, the system can be quickly and flexibly adapted to the various regulations of the different federal states.

Data protection

The tool is DSGVO-compliant. The personal data is stored end-to-end encrypted, i.e. the students' data is well protected and encrypted on certified German servers. Only the university itself can decrypt the personal data with a key and transmit it to the health authority in case of infection.

G-Status control: Self-disclosure

As with contact tracking, users can be trusted with voluntary self-disclosure. App users must self-deposit their G-status and confirm the accuracy of their data. The university may decide whether to impose penalties for misrepresentation of data. After a certain period of time (e.g. six months after recovery), the status will be deleted from the app and users will have to enter a new G status.

G-status control: obligation to provide evidence

In contrast to the voluntary self-disclosure, the proof of status of users is confirmed by employees of the university. Students must go to the administration or similar with their proof (e.g. vaccination certificate). Verification can optionally be done online, similar to verification at a bank. University officials generate a QR code that students must scan using the UniNow app. The G status is thus verified and at the same time the user:s can check in to the buildings, rooms or spaces. These issued certificates cannot be copied and are therefore forgery-proof.

Intelligent verification

The health status of the user is only stored on the mobile device and does not have to be identified by stickers, ribbons or similar. A connection to light barriers and other automatic access controls is also possible. In addition, the UniNow GmbH tool includes an intelligent and simple check by the lecturers. The tool also has a statistical evaluation that can be used, for example, to plan capacities for booster vaccinations or to track vaccination rates.

Tried and tested millions of times

Numbers say more than words!

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4 millionen check-ins

UniNow's digital campus check-in counts more than four million check-ins.

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50.000 certificates

Since September 2021, a total of more than 50,000 certificates have been issued.

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19 universities

Already in use at 19 universities across Germany.

The advantages summarized:

The advantages of the digital campus check-in at a glance:


Free use within the framework of a university cooperation.


Accessible for all members of the university.

Digital solution

Digital solution for rapid identification of infection chains.


The system is adaptable to all state regulations.


If there are any questions or problems, we are always available.


Data is stored securely on our system using asymmetric encryption.


Rapid acquisition and transmission of contact chains in COVID-19 disease.


Hybrid solution of app, web application and paper list, if provided.

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