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Seven steps to concluding a university cooperation

Seven steps sounds little? - It is.

But are you still concerned about the time involved?
To answer the most urgent question: the implementation of the campus app can be completed in 2 months.
But let's start from the beginning.
You have already found your way to this blog post, so you are either already cooperating with UniNow, or you are looking for a suitable campus app for your college/university. As soon as you get in touch with us (by phone or email), you will receive the most important information about a cooperation. Afterwards you can start with step 1.

First contact - describing the possibilities

Step 1
In the first step, the contractual framework conditions are discussed together. In addition, feature requests from the university (e.g. university radio, role selection, campus plans) are formulated.

Step 2
This is followed by the delivery of the necessary data. In order to design the app in the university's own design, the university logo and the desired color code are required. In addition, the data that is to appear in the link collection, for example, is required.

Step 3
The third step is to arrange the feed usage. If desired, UniNow can set up an RSS sync service so that new articles can be mirrored directly. Afterwards, you will be forwarded the access data for the feed account. To help you find your way around the app's user interface, UniNow offers a short webinar to show you the various features.

Step 4
After two to four weeks, the setup on UniNow's side is complete and the four-week test phase can start at your university. This serves to check all functions and interfaces in order to ensure a smooth process after activation.

Test Mode - ensure perfect functioning

Step 5
After the test phase has been successfully completed, the cooperation can be communicated. This can happen in the form of a press release, an Instagram post or on the website of your university. UniNow will be happy to support you with an individual marketing kit as well as merchandise items.

Step 6
UniNow holds feedback meetings with cooperation partners and partners at regular intervals, in which new functions and ideas can also be discussed. These conversations also serve the KPI evaluation, in order to be able to plan measures based on it.

Step 7
During the cooperation, new functions and modules can be implemented and existing ones can be adapted at any time. The basis of cooperation is always communication, so that wishes are taken into account and new solution proposals are welcome.

This schedule can of course vary, depending on your capacities and internal processes, but also on your wishes. The time required for development can vary, depending on the features you want to integrate for your university.

Would you like to learn more about the possibilities and introduction of a campus app? Arrange a non-binding appointment (customize link) and let us show you the app and its features.